Fashion ALWAYS meant something to me. I never knew what that “something” was but it just merely made me happy. I would just have this little smile on my face and my eyes would glisten whenever I got dressed up, bought something new, or even if I was just simply hanging out encircled by stores. Not only this, I would also repeatedly watch movies like “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and “Aisha” (P.S- which I was watching an hour ago). Not because i’ve always looked up to Rhea and Sonam Kapoor as a fashion icon, but because I could just connect with the movie, and would love listening to Pernia Qureshi talk about her take on fashion in the “Behind the Scenes DVD” I got along with the movie.

This inexplicable love for fashion turned into something else in the year 2015. One afternoon I was just scrolling through my Instagram news feed and I came across this account called “MissStyleFiesta” run by Masoom Minawala, a blogger. I found myself in a trap of never-ending engaging fashion content and beauty tips. I just couldn’t get myself to stop browsing through her feed. Yes, I saw all her 700+ posts. I LOVED her work. Then I googled her (I REALLY wanted to know more about what she was doing), read through all the articles about her, saw her blog and I was amazed. In my head, I was like – this is EXACTLY what I ALWAYS wanted to do. I just never knew what do with this “love for fashion”. So, this is all it took for me to create my own blog.

In 2015, was born. I was really excited. Trust me, you have no idea about how enthusiastic I got. I started instagramming about it, got people to see it and got great feedback. My parents and my two sisters encouraged me A LOT. But blogging and doing the IB programme got a little challenging, so I put it on hold. I wanted to create a new blog, have shoots and do things at a higher level that would attract more audience. I wasn’t even satisfied with my work.  I know some say “you can always find time for doing things you love”, but NO. I was very firm with my decision and decided to start a new blog a few months later (which you’re looking at right now) as soon as my Grade 12 IB boards were over. And so I did. However, in between I got invites (I have no clue how) for events like the Accessorize India SS15’ launch, I got featured in Elle India and so this gave me motivation and encouraged me to work WAY WAY harder.

I know many people today wonder how influential bloggers really are, even I used to, but some of them REALLY ARE. To prove this, it’s only going to take me a sentence – Vogue the 100+ year old fashion magazine, which everyone loves, today has 8.2 million followers on Instagram and Chiara Ferragni, a blogger known as “The Blond Salad” who started her blog about only 7 years ago, has 5.3  million followers (and she had way more followers than Vogue, when I checked a few months ago). Well I know it’s not only about the numbers. However, several years ago, the industry was slow to embrace bloggers and was limited to labels. But today, the craze for bloggers has increased and how. They have grown to be leaders in the industry, have gained “celebrity status” for themselves, fill the front seats at runway shows, and brands regularly hire them to launch, market, advertise products and host events as they do have an influence on consumer purchasing decisions since they are more relatable. So today, a simple love for fashion or anything else can be flipped over into a business. Blogging, in general, has and will continue to have a massive impact on the industry (well that’s how I see it) and in my opinion, its impact today is only just beginning, and I want to make a mark through it in and influence the business of fashion in my own way.

(P.S – Incase some of you are wondering why my blog’s called “TheGlitterCrumb”, well just to keep it simple it’s called that because of my never-ending love for all things made up of glitter, sparkles, bread and my weakness for them. Yes, I love eating bread! Be it a pizza, a sandwich, anything! This just popped into my head when I was thinking of blog names, because these were the two things I can’t do without, and because I want my blog to reflect what I love!)

So this is MY STORY. Well, just a tiny segment of it. Have you started building yours?

I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I did while writing it!

Keep sparkling ❤