All products: Bobbi Brown | Photography and Editing: Done by me

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a global prestige beauty brand that empowers women to embrace and enhance their individual beauty.

Founded in 1991 by makeup-artist-turned-entrepreneur Bobbi Brown, the brand offers universally flattering products created with uncompromising quality and an intuitive sense of what every woman wants – to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.

I personally LOVE using these products and so I decided to put together this compilation for you’ll ❤

These are the list of products –

1. Shimmer Brick Compact:

One of Bobbi Brown’s best-selling icons – this shimmering, brush-on powder creates a soft, rosy glow. Handmade in Italy, this compact features superfine pigments that reflect radiance and light.

It’s super easy to use! You have to sweep the face blender brush through all five shades of this Shimmer Brick Compact and dust it lightly on your cheekbones after applying blush. Focus on applying shimmer on the top of your cheekbones – where light naturally hits the face – for the most flattering look!

2. Face Blender Brush:

Ideal for dusting the Shimmer Brick Compact for a natural-looking, shimmery glow, this is an insane multi-purpose brush that imparts a soft, airbrushed finish and creates a seamless finish for powder, bronzing powder and blush. 

To use, lightly stroke the Face Blender Brush across the product and lightly tap to remove excess. Use a sweeping motion to blend over skin.

3. Eye Shadow Brush:

The Eye Shadow Brush is a small, condensed brush that helps expertly apply shadow from lash line to crease. Sized to mimic a fingertip, its rounded, beveled edges allow smooth application that blends as you go.

To use, pick up the eye shadow with the Eye Shadow Brush and gently tap off excess. Sweep over lower lid or from lash line to crease.

Trust me, these products are SO GOOD, a must try, and once you do you won’t stop using them!

Have a look! Happy viewing 🙂



Exciting new posts coming soon! And I would love feedback!

Until next time, 




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