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So my skin type is slightly oily, it’s acne prone so my pores usually clog and my skin breaks out very easily. If you’re in the same boat as me, products by Forest Essentials are MAGIC to the skin, literally. Thanks to my amazing dermatologist and these products my skin feels so good and i’m the #HappiestInMyForestEssentialsSkin ❤

Forest Essentials was founded in the year 2000 after many years of meticulous research and development with trained Ayurvedic physicians. Their range of natural skin care and hair care products advocates the ayurvedic view that a holistic approach is necessary for beauty care using only naturally distilled pure essential oils, pure cold pressed, organically grown vegetable oils and that plant extracts should be used in skin applications. They use age-old ayurvedic formulations from scholars in many of their herb ingredients, oil formulas, and vedic treatments. Which is then interspersed with the understanding of a modern biochemist’s point of view to create products that have their basis in India’s oldest science but presented in an easy-to-use manner. Building on the cultural foundations of the past and utilizing the evolving research and technology of the present, Forest Essentials creates the future traditions of beauty.

Their mission statement is to be the most trusted brand that pioneers the use of ayurveda to create products that combine beauty , purity and serenity as a way of life while contributing to the society we live in, and they most definitely have achieved this!

Say goodbye to harsh, synthetic scrubs, lifeless lotions, and soaps made from waste machine oils. Make space on your bathroom shelves for a gourmet feast for your skin with Forest Essentials.

The purest, the most nutritious, the very best 🙂

I personally LOVE these products and so I decided to put together this compilation for you’ll ❤

These are the list of products –

1. Silkening Shower Wash – Iced Pomegranate With Fresh Kerala Lime:

This is an authentic ayurvedic formulation antioxidant rich pomegranate blended with fresh lime that contains carefully selected herbs, known for their nourishing and cleansing properties. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of bala and gokharu heal and repair the skin by preventing it from the effects of free radicals. Herbs like genhu, sonapatha and bamboo gently cleanse the skin, which is left glistening and hydrated. 

Apply a small amount on wet skin in the shower to cleanse the body. You can also use a loofah to exfoliate surface dead cells and then rinse well.

2. Revitalizing Gel Scrub – Kashmiri Walnut:

This is an exfoliating scrub with finely milled walnuts in a pure aloe vera and vitamin A and E packed gel base. This revitalising kashmiri walnut gel ccrub has been formulated with a distinctive combination of high quality kashmiri walnuts with selected herbs like agneemanth and kachoor in a base of fresh aloe vera with vitamin A and E. While the aloe vera and vitamins stimulate cell regeneration, the oil rich walnut has a deep cleansing action, which brightens the complexion by gently removing dead cells and impurities. It possesses excellent exfoliating properties, which removes dead and damaged skin cells and smoothens and tones the skin.

Apply a small amount on damp skin and massage in circular motion on the face and neck to deep cleanse the skin and then rinse well.

3.  Facial Treatment Masque – Mysore Sandalwood and Nagkesar:

A nourishing facial pack made with pure sandalwood, rosewater, black himalayan clay and potent ayurvedic herbs including nagkesar and gotkula and cold pressed organic oils to permeate the tissue, deep nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Enriched with sandalwood and nagkesar, this masque deeply nourishes, minimizes pores and rejuvenates.

After cleansing, open pores on face and neck area with steaming or hot towel for five minutes. Then, apply the masque directly and allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it off well and apply and chilled facial toner to close pores. Finish with a moisturizing cream.

4. Deeply Nourishing Facial Cleansing Paste – Almond, Pistachio and Honey:

This is a traditional blend of rich almond, pistachio paste and black sesame and fresh turmeric paste that exfoliates while deeply nourishing the skin. This also contains natural hydrators including buttermilk, floral waters, organic honey and fresh aloe leaf juice to lightly polish and give the skin a fine porcelain texture.

Apply a small amount on damp skin and massage onto the face and neck to deep cleanse the skin and rinse well.

5. Light Hydrating Moisturising Facial Gel – Pure Aloe Vera:

This amazing light, cool facial gel contains pure aloe vera juice, which has strong soothing and healing properties. The fresh extract from the aloe vera plant blended with nutrient rich wheat germ extract and floral waters is a natural humectant and adds moisture to the skin. 

Apply a small amount as a light moisturizer in the day after cleansing and toning the skin.

6. Light Hydrating Moisturising Facial Gel – Pure Rosewater:

This light, cool facial gel incorporates pure rosewater with cucumber and aloe vera gel to soothe, refresh and moisturize the skin. The pure extract from the aloe vera plant blended with nutrient rich wheat germ extract and floral waters is a natural humectant and adds moisture to the skin. Its highly emollient Plum fruit extract supplies additional nourishment, leaving the skin luxuriously pampered and radiant. 

Apply a small amount as a light moisturizer in the day after cleansing and toning the skin.

7. Light Hydrating Hydra Eye Gel:

This revitalizing formula in the form of gel is highly enriched with potent herbs that helps to lighten the dark circles and protect the sensitive areas under eyes. Cucumber, katak and aloe vera provide essential nourishment whereas rose water and vitamin E tone and cool the under-eye area.

Dab lightly around eye area to soothe and firm.

8. Lightening and Brightening – Tejasvi Emulsion:

This unique emulsion removes blemishes and pigmentation by combining the potent properties of age-old ayurvedic herbs, pure whole cream cow’s ghee, sweet almond oil, virgin coconut oil and kokum butter blended with purifying and skin lightening and brightening herbs, root and flower extracts. The base of pure cow’s milk ‘ghee’, which is aged to extract the desired benefits, instantly provides extraordinary lighting of the skin tone and brightening of the skin. With regular massage, the skin acquires a noticeably soft, fairer, resilient and ‘plumped’ quality with a radiant glow or “tejas”.

Apply on clean damp skin. Take a small quantity and massage well on the face and neck area for 10-15 minutes. Dab off the excess with a hot towel, followed by a facial scrub or cleanser. (In case of very dry skin, a scrub is not required.) Use a chilled floral toner or splash cold water to tone and seal the skin.

9. Aloe Vera Juice:

This pure fresh juice from the aloe vera plant, is a natural humectant and adds moisture to the skin. Aloe vera has strong healing and soothing properties and is a well-known source of moisture and it stimulates skin regeneration.

Use on its own to hydrate the skin or as a mixer with ubtans to nourish and cleanse.

Trust me, these products are AMAZING, a must try, and once you do you won’t stop using them!

Have a look! Happy viewing 🙂







Exciting new posts coming soon! And I would love feedback!

Until next time, 




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