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Glamglow was founded by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore in 2010 exclusively for backstage and professional use in hollywood’s entertainment, music, fashion and award industries. In 2011 it was made available for retail and has taken the world by storm in the months that followed. Over the past 6 years it has grown from a conversation into an incredible success story and has become a globally recognized for fast-acting, innovative mud treatments that deliver instant, visible results.

These are the list of products –

1. Supermud Clearing Treatment:

This is their most advanced clearing treatment with activated-x charcoal to attract toxins and dirt from the deepest and toughest areas. Developed by Glamglow to help fight common skin concerns, it can be used to achieve super clear and super poreless skin. 

Apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 5-20 minutes and then remove it with water. 

2. Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment:

Youthmud provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps to leave skin smoother, brighter and softer resulting in immediate camera-ready glowing skin.

Apply a thin layer to a clean face. Expect a tingle-tastic tingling effect in 10 minutes or less. Remove mask with water in circular motions to exfoliate.

3. Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment:

Thirstymud uses their most advanced hydration active technologies, providing deep instant hydration. It hydrates, moisturizes, restores, replenishes and calms the skin. 

Apply an even layer to clean skin. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes, wipe off excess and/or massage into skin. Perfect for day, night and in-flight.

4. Gravitymud Firming Treatment:

Gravitymud is an out of this world innovative peel off mud treatment that instantly leaves the skin feeling firmer and more lifted. 

Apply a generous, even layer to clean skin with a brush in upward strokes, avoiding the eyebrows and hairline. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Treatment will change color as it dries. Once completely dried, gently peel off from outer edges and roll off any remaining excess. For best results, avoid using water anytime during process and after so targeted ingredients can remain on the skin.

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