Cape: Stradivarius | Watch: Aldo | Bracelet: Cartier | Sunglasses: Style Fiesta | Bag: Ferragamo | Shoes: Aldo | Styling: Done by me | Hair and Makeup: Dessange MumbaiSneha Shenoy  | Photography: Keenan Pereira | Editing: Done by me

Art is fashion ;

Fashion is art.

If you’ve seen the Fashion meets art section on my blog you must have read that in my opinion fashion has always been in love with art and art still continues its playful collaboration with fashion. Fashion and art help us survive the reality of everyday life, and if you put them together – fashion is an art form, an art of self-expression, an art of change, and a work of art that tells us a story. The joy of dressing up is an art, it’s a form of escapism where colors play an important role.

I feel when fashion meets art, fashion becomes art and we become the canvas and this beautiful, multi-coloured, abstract, super comfortable bodycon dress clearly defines this.

 To further enhance this look, I layered the dress with a navy blue cape from Stradivarius to create a fun look and carried a Ferragamo laser-cut, leather bag, which just speaks luxury. It has a slight gold touch to it and I love every little detailing on it. As I’ve mentioned it a few times, I’m a sucker for details. This bag is light, so chic, looks great and its color went perfectly with the outfit!

Along with this I wore a pair of heels from Aldo that were stunning and had bold colors that went along with the outfit, balanced and completed the look and were so comfortable.

Lastly, to accessorize a little more, I wore a pair of sunnies from Style Fiesta, an orange watch from Aldo and a yellow gold love bracelet from Cartier.

Have a look! Happy viewing 🙂









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