Bomber Jacket: Stradivarius | Blue Jeans: Zara | Sunglasses: Style Fiesta | Bag: Elle | Shoes: Zara | Styling: Done by me | Hair and Makeup: Dessange MumbaiSneha Shenoy  | Photography: Keenan Pereira | Editing: Done by me

So if most of you’ll don’t know yet I studied at Hill Spring International School, in Mumbai, India, and even in the 11th and 12th grade we had a uniform (blue jeans and a white shirt – what’s not to love), but Friday was that one rare (my favourite) day of the week where all of us got to dress up in our casual best ❤

Thinking about all those fun Fridays I had in school, I decided to create this easy, fuss-free look for those rushed mornings. So personally, I like being super comfortable while studying and this light-weight, light pink bomber jacket from Stradivarius with beautiful intricate detailing is simply perfect.

Stradivarius, a brand under Inditex, takes a youthful and feminine approach to fashion. It introduces new trends designs and fabrics to its young customers. Its elegant spacious stores offer a broad range of fashion choices for casual young women with lots of imagination.

I chose to team it up with this pair of distressed jeans from Zara, which is the MOST comfortable and softest pair i’ve ever found yet. It’s just perfect. Do you know that feeling you get when you finally find that perfect pair of jeans? Thats how I felt after I bought them.

Lastly, to accessorize a little more, I carried a cute little pink and white bag with gold detailing from Elle, wore a pair of sunnies from Style Fiesta and for the feet I went for this  gorgeous and comfortable pair of greyish-white shoes, which so much detailing on it, from Zara.

Have a look! Happy viewing 🙂







Exciting new posts coming soon! And I would love feedback!

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