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Top: Zara | Blue Jeans: Zara | Watch: Aldo | Sunglasses: Style Fiesta | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: Charles and Keith | Styling: Done by me | Hair and Makeup: Done by me | Photography: Keenan Pereira | Editing: Done by me

Today it’s hard enough to keep a finger on a pulse, well, imagine trying to find the heart beat of a movement that hasn’t even been born yet. Yet, it happens. In fashion, music, and even food. Where, one day, something just feels right and the next day, a trend is born. Have you ever wondered how fashion trends come about? Why is green the color of the season for one minute and red the next, who decides this? Is there a fashion god? Fashion illuminati?

So, even though we’re all here living the trends of 2016, there are secret tastemakers who already know what you’ll be wearing in 2017. As consumers, we simply wait for “Vogue” or clothing stores to dictate what’s “in” this year. But if we take a step back, have we ever thought about how those trends come to life? Why that color, or why that design?

Well, theres no single answer to all those questions. But I personally don’t blindly follow trends. Yes, I really don’t. I don’t think you should either, because the whole point of fashion is for you to be yourself, create your own trends, experiment, let your clothes reflect your personality and for you to just have fun ❤

Like i’ve repeatedly said before, I wear anything that looks good to me and is comfortable. Thats the most important thing for me, because honestly if you haven’t noticed yet, fashion’s like a cycle, everything eventually comes back!

By being a blogger, yes I do constantly read and write about whats trending to keep you’ll and myself in the loop, but that’s not where it ends. Through this medium, I want to modify these trends (like i’ve been doing in my blog posts) to create my own, and to eventually become a trend setter not a trend follower, because that just defeats the whole purpose, don’t you agree?

So in this crazy world called fashion, one of the things that’s always in my wardrobe and I swear by is the denim on denim look. With endless combinations of fits, washes and styles, denim really does follow a fashion cycle of its own. It’s a classic and a perfect pairing for when you don’t want to overthink things. You can experiment so much with this timeless staple, it’s insane. So to create this look I chose to wear this pair of distressed jeans from Zara, which is the MOST comfortable and softest pair i’ve ever found yet. It’s just perfect. Do you know that feeling you get when you finally find that perfect pair of jeans? Thats how I felt after I bought them.

Moving on, I paired them up with this stunning, tie-up embroidered denim top from Zara. I wanted to create a fun, easy and fuss-free look and this airy top with its colorful beads, tassels and detailing was perfect, and so me!

I further enhanced my outfit with this denim watch from Aldo that added a finishing touch to my “denim only” outfit, and along with it to balance the whole look I wore this beautiful nude pair of heels from Charles and Keith which i’m in love with, and I carried this nude monogrammed bag from Louis Vuitton which just speaks luxury and made the whole outfit look polished.

Louis Vuitton was a French box-maker and packer who founded the luxury brand of the same name over 150 years ago. From humble beginnings in the French countryside, Vuitton’s skill, innovation and determination quickly saw his signature trunks coveted by the world’s elite. Since then, the house has expanded its offering to include bags, clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery, making it one of the most valuable luxury brands in the world.

Lastly, to accessorize a little more, I wore a pair of sunnies, from Style Fiesta.

Have a look! Happy viewing :)











Exciting new posts coming soon! And I would love feedback!

Until next time, 




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