“Bass Love” T-shirt: NikhilxKoovs | Pants: Zara | Sheer Jacket: Madison | Headphones: Skinny Dip | Shoes: Pimkie | Styling: Done by me | Hair and Makeup: Dessange MumbaiSneha Shenoy | Photography: Keenan Pereira | Editing: Done by me

Are you ready to fall in love? With Fashion? With DJing? Or well, how about BOTH TOGETHER?

“One song can change everything” – can it? Well, without hesitating at all, I agree hands down. I’ve always had a deep-seated love for music. Be it anywhere, and you’ll ALWAYS catch me humming a tune or listening to music – while studying, working, or anything at all.

So 2 years ago I became really good friends with Mumbai’s upcoming DJ Yohan Tengra, the same age as me. For him music was something else, way more than just a passion. I never quite understood that first, but watching him and his friend Uzair Rahimtulla organize their own gigs with Mumbai’s biggest clubs and seeing them play, was SIMPLY brilliant. It was just something else. So when I finally asked them how they decided to do this, this is what they had to say – 

Music always meant something more than just a passion to us, and we both have been following and listening to the same styles of music since our early days in school. So just after getting out of school, we saw the DJ scene just coming up, and we felt that it would be a great chance for us to take our passion ahead and do something with it. Hence, we found out about the DJing course, learnt the art and here we are now!

So this is exactly how they began, and today they call themselves DJs UzYo, and are playing all over the city, with major fan following and trust me, you have to attend one of their gigs to truly believe it. It’s BEYOND amazing, and such an inspiration!

Moving on, I was on Koovs recently and came across this new label “NikhilxKoovs”, and the first thing that popped into my head was “hey, is this Nikhil Chinapa’s collection?” I instantly clicked on it and I was like “NO WAY”. Who would have EVER thought that the celebrated MTV India’s video jockey, radio jockey, TV personality, BRAINCHILD behind the country’s bursting Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene as being one of the pioneers, music promoter for Sunburn, and an extremely admired DJ with a HUGE fan following, would ever be a designer? And into fashion?

Today, Nikhil Chinapa and his company Submerge Music are known for having been instrumental in bringing the most prominent DJs to India such as Zedd, Hardwell, Tiesto, Alesso. His firm promotes upcoming DJ’s and events at clubs in the metro cities of India. His name is now synonymous for contemporary dance and music events across India. He started Submerge to promote the image of a DJ as an artist rather than adhering to the popular demand of the audience at clubs. 

So yes, this is what he brought together – Fashion and DJing. And how. When I thought of this concept of FashionXDJing, and later saw what he had already done, I found his collection perfect to express what I had in mind. His collection, a collaboration with fashion portal Koovs is INGENIOUS, and more, his thought behind it –

Music has always been an inspiration for me. Many people aren’t aware but a lot of the clothes through successive seasons of Splitsvilla on MTV have also been worked around a music theme. So with music as a focus, I jumped on the opportunity to start my own label when I was approached by the marketing team at Koovs with the suggestion. I spent many hours and days working with their design team from London to come up with a line that was edgy, while being simple and easy to wear. Most importantly, the clothes had to be comfortable on the dance floor.

Very aptly titled “Underground with Nikhil Chinapa” has a range of clothing and jewelry exclusively for men and has all the wardrobe essentials that reverberate the sounds of underground music. And obviously a collection coming from him is infused with the spirit of dance music.

These clothes will take you from the streets to a music gig. You will be able to stand out from the crowd in clothes that allow you to step away from the mainstream and stay true to your identity, right from – long line graphic and asymmetric shirts, photographic tees, hoodies, tapered joggers, slim-fit denims and fluid hooded sweats – these are your clothes and accessories for those times when you want to groove with the throbbing bass-line echoing off the walls. This collection is a lifestyle. Not the kind promoted by luxury brands around the world, but one that is linked with alternative music. They aren’t your regular T-shirts and jeans.

But hey, who said his collection was ONLY for men? Well, someone at Koovs did tell me, haha, but I LOVE breaking fashion rules. Wait, who said there were rules?

This is what I did with it, and I wanted to keep it really simple!

Have a look! Happy viewing 🙂








Exciting new posts coming soon! And I would love feedback!

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