Outfit: Lisha Designs by Lalita Dagliya | Jewellery: Jaipur Jewels | Bag: Jimmy Choo | Shoes: INC International Concepts | Styling: Done by me | Hair and Makeup: Naima Rahimtulla | Photography: Keenan Pereira | Editing: Done by me

Since summer has officially kicked in, I decided to create a fresh look with a lighter palette and stunning pieces that I was instantly drawn to as I saw them, from Jaipur Jewels –  a tastefully done up store hidden on the busy street of Nepeansea Road, Mumbai, devoid of chaos.

From a humble beginning, the modest acorn swiftly matures into a robust oak tree. Founded in 1863 in the region of Multan, now located in Pakistan, Jaipur Jewels has grown from strength to strength with the passage of time, owing its genesis to the visionary Roopchand Naheta. With Vineet and Amit Naheta taking charge of the business, Jaipur Jewels today has an infusion of new ideas with refreshing designs. Going beyond being the jeweller of choice for royal families, Jaipur Jewels has developed into a flourishing enterprise, creating timeless masterpieces in jadau, polki, pearls and fine diamonds that I personally love ❤

Backed by a rich legacy and 150 years worth of tradition, the men behind the brand are driven by a thirst for ingenuity. Apart from arresting collections that embrace contemporary muses, what keeps Jaipur Jewels resilient through changing tastes and times is their acknowledged eye for great design, coupled with consistent attention to detail. At Jaipur Jewels, they believe that ornaments are an expressive way of articulating ones personality and that is why the brand does not merely manufacture its jewels which are created with love and passion. Each piece is handmade by skilled artisans who come from a lineage of fine craftsmen.

Their jadau pieces are infused with imperial traditions and are inspired by the glory of mughal art and culture that go beyond the usual framework of fashion. They believe in using only the finest diamonds to create timeless family treasures and rare gemstones that give their pieces an exclusive touch. Each design is executed keeping in mind and celebrating the inherent essence of the stone, making the final ornament one beyond compare, something to be cherished forever. They believe in perfection and excellence, with integrity and transparency being their USP. 

So to create this look I thought of experimenting with the color blush pink and I decided to wear this STUNNING embroidered top and white pant made by Lalita Dagliya, which was simply perfect, refreshing and so soothing to the eyes. Along with it to balance the whole look I carried a silver bag from Jimmy Choo which just speaks luxury, and made the whole outfit look polished and I wore this beautiful pair of flats with sequins from INC International Concepts, which i’m in love with.

Lastly, and most importantly, I completed my look and accessorized it with stunning pieces from Jaipur Jewels which includes this timeless, super chic pair of diamond earrings, statement diamond ring, and this beautiful basra pearl bracelet stuffed with floral diamonds making it perfect for summer.

Have a look! Happy viewing 🙂










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