Top: Zara | Blue Jeans: Zara | Cape Jacket: Aeropostale | Watch: Mont Blanc | Necklace: Zara | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bag: Coach | Shoes: Aldo | Styling: Done by me | Hair and Makeup: Dessange MumbaiSneha Shenoy  | Photography: Keenan Pereira | Editing: Done by me

Just like diamonds, somethings stay forever, and in the world of fashion these things are called classics. In my opinion the one thing you cannot do without in your wardrobe is the white top and blue jeans combination. Don’t you think so? In a closet full of season-specific trends it’s the very definition of a wardrobe staple.

 There is something quite simple yet powerful to this combination. It defines simplicity, it’s a classic, so versatile and fashionable, adds polish to every look, never goes out of style and is trending always. I personally love this combination as you can wear it anywhere, dress it up or keep it simple, it’s the safest combination for the days when you’re super lazy and it’s so chic!

So for this look, I paired a sleeveless white top with a pair of distressed blue jeans from Zara which is my all time favorite store, and today is the world’s biggest fashion retailer, and is a company that has reset the boundaries for what shoppers expect from a high street clothing store. Originally named Zorba, the company tried thinking of a name that would still use most of the letters. They settled on Zara – a brand now present in every corner of the globe.

To add on to the look, and break away from minimal dressing, I decided that the one way, and the secret to look chic is by layering, and so to give my outfit a sharp twist, I threw upon a cool grey full-sleeve cape jacket from Aeropostale, which definitely enhanced the whole look and kept me warm and comfortable! Along with this, I wore a white stunning watch from Mont Blanc, which added to the look.

Mont Blanc has been a consistently present beacon in the luxury brand market for nearly a century. Synonymous with exquisite writing culture for the past 100 years, it follows lasting values such as quality and traditional craftsmanship. Its uncompromising demands on shape, style, materials and workmanship are reflected in all its products. With operations in more than seventy countries, Mont Blanc has become prominent in all corners of the globe. 

I accessorized the outfit with a statement necklace from Zara, which was simply gorgeous, and the colors of the beads were so fresh and appealing to the eye, and on the whole it was beautiful.

To add on to the look, I wore a pair of blue reflective sunnies from Ray Ban.

Ray-Ban today is the global leader in premium eyewear market and by far the best-selling eyewear brand in the world.

Additonally, I carried a bright yellow bag from Coach to make my outfit pop and for a burst of optimism with sunshine hues.

Started in 1941 , Coach stands for authenticity, innovation, and relevance. With a vision of becoming a company that defines global modern luxury today, Coach is available on five continents in over 1,000 directly-operated stores worldwide.

Lastly, to complete my look I wore a pair of heels from Aldo that were stunning and had bold colors that went along with the outfit, balanced and completed the look and were SO comfortable.

 Have a look! Happy viewing 🙂










_DSC0008 (1)

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