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Tanisha Goveas | Sr. Sales Executive at Style Fiesta

I personally don’t believe in the idea of an inspirational person. I guess it’s just my own instinct that inspires me. If I really want to do something, I’d find a way to do it and I’ll give it my 100%. This way, there’s no room for regrets. My experience at Style Fiesta has been tremendous! Since it is my first real job, this place has taught me everything right from the basics.  I have grown so attached to it in the past one year that I kind of treat it like my baby. There are a lot of responsibilities of course, but it sure is fun at the same time. Also, the best thing about being a part of a start up company is that you learn something everyday. 

Fashion, to me, is individualistic. What may be fashionable to one person may not be the same to another. It all depends on what you feel comfortable and confident in. The rules don’t matter.