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 Yohan Tengra & Uzair Rahimtulla | Students and DJ’s UzYo

Music has always been the sole inspiration behind getting into DJing, literally nothing else mattered. We just wanted to fill the need to take our passion to the next level, and spread love and happiness by making people dance all around the world. We found DJing as the perfect platform to do that! But we would also like to give credit to artists without whose inspiration we wouldn’t be where we are today. These would include Eminem (for both of us), Eric Prydz (For Yohan) and Avicii (For Uzair). We just love the originality, music and sound these artists bring to the table, and it always keeps us inspired and working hard! 

Fashion, to us, is a means of expression. We like to wear clothes which showcase our music taste, or something related to music! We really think your concept of the fusion of DJing and fashion is brilliant!